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Wetsuit | Van Gils

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This last year was all about changes. I started this blog and my Instagram kept growing, which made it possible to collaborate with some amazing brands. I quit my old job as an accountant and started working at an influencer marketing agency, talking about making a 180 degree change. With all these recent developments I can’t help but wonder what 2017 will be like.

With 2016 almost coming to an end I thought it would be fun to go out with a bang. Recently I got approached by Van Gils, which is a well known Dutch tailoring brand. It is known for it’s high quality and great detailing suits. Van Gils was able to develop a revolutionary new feature: water-repellent suits. Perfect for the rainy weather in the Netherlands. The suits are 100% made out of wool and are just like any other suit. In the pictures you can see that the suit is protected by some sort of wax layer, which makes the water fall off your suit. To finish the look I’m wearing a luxurious timepiece by Fromanteel. With this shoot I wanted to create a Vanity Fair vibe, classy and timeless.

If you like to see more of the suits by Van Gils make sure to take a look at their page here.

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© Photo’s by: Robbert van den Bergh

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