Tips & Tricks To Rock This Winter In Style
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Tips & Tricks To Rock This Winter In Style

The autumn winter season is officially upon us. With five or so months of coats, scarves, gloves and layers (yaass!) to come, it’s time to throw on the cashmere, your favorite shearling jacket and enjoy all the good things that the cold winter brings to our wardrobes. Below some tips & tricks to rock this winter in style.. 

Layer Up Your Game 

One of the things I love most about winter fashion is the possibility to layer and mix & match with different colors, fabrics and textures. Firstly you need to think about your colour palette making sure the colors aren’t clashing. Neutral colors always work well together especially if you go for different tones and shades. If you want to add some colour then make this the main focus of your look and pair it with some greys or blacks. When it comes to what pieces to layer, you need at least three: a base, middle and top coat. You can add a few extras depending on how cold it is plus scarfs, hats and gloves also count as good layering. Just think about what colors you choose and if there are any clashing patterns.

Ribbed Knitwear 

A simple ribbed jumper is a classic men’s winter fashion trend, and looks pretty damn good when paired with the right outfit. Whether your a V-neck or crew neck kind of guy, owning some quality knitted sweaters during winter is essential. Instead of reaching for a hoodie, layer them over your button-up shirts and under your jackets to keep from looking sloppy this winter. Both the button-up shirt, sweater and jacket are from s.Oliver. Make sure to take a look at their FW18 collection here. 

Winter Boots

Boots are a good idea all year around, but their ability to not just keep your feet warm, but also dry (this is Amsterdam..) makes them a winter wardrobe essential. Make sure you have at least one pair of dressy kickers for those smart-casual occasions, and a pair of solid ones for when the weather gets tough. I’m wearing the classic 6-inch Timberland boots (black).




© Photo’s by: Janne Biersma

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