A black tie look for a formal Christmas party.
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Christmas Wear For Men

It’s almost that time of the year guys! Christmas! Since I was a little kid Christmas has been my favorite holiday by far. Aside from the presents and gift giving, I truly enjoy seeing my family most of all. As you’re getting older you definitely learn to appreciate these kind of moments more. What part of Christmas are you most excited about?

Christmas Wear

Today I’m showing some dapper, holiday dressing. I’m well aware everyone likes to wear pj’s and ugly Christmas sweaters but just in case you wanted to be flashy, I got you covered! With a little help from my new suit from s.Oliver I’m going to show you how to turn heads at your next Christmas party. Keeping it simple, go for a neutral suit say navy, dark grey or (just like me) black. Now add some color with your accessories. You can drop in a burgundy pocket square, something that invokes holiday colors. I went for a black silk tie with a fine pattern because I love a more formal ensemble. Now for the shoes wear something comfortable, after all you will be talking to a lot of family members and this (sometimes) can get exhausting. I’m wearing black leather brogues to complete the all black look. Check out some of s.Oliver’s other holiday picks & deals here.

This was already my last outfit post for 2017! This year went by so quickly and so much has happend.. I could’ve never imagined doing all the things I did in 2017..from the trips to the collaborations and a new job. It’s all very exciting and gives me confidence for the new year and it’s even better opportunities. Now enough about me, what about you? What are your resolutions or goals? And more importantly, how are you going to execute it?

Have a rocking Christmas!

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