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10 things you should do in New York City!

The city that generates a sense of freedom..

Although I’m already back for two months, I still owe you guys a post about my New York City trip. To say it was amazing would be an understatement.. The minute I got back in Amsterdam I was browsing the web looking for flights for next spring *has zero euros on bank account*.

Though I grew up in a small town near Amsterdam, I’ve never been a fan of suburban areas as I’ve always found the lifestyle a bit boring and the people old-fashioned.. Instead, I’ve always loved big cities, and New York is no exception. Ever since I’ve stepped foot into the Big Apple, I’ve been absolutely in love with it. The culture, arts and all sorts of diversity in the city generates a creative energy and sense of freedom that really appeals to me. 

It’s no coincidence they call New York the city that never sleeps. No matter the time of day (or night), Manhattan is always crowded and there is always something to do. It is impossible to feel bored in a city that is in constant movement and always filled with people. 

10 things you should do in New York City

If you’re planning on going to New York, here are some things you should definitely do during your trip:

  1. Visit a Broadway show! I’m personally not a big fan of musicals, and even I loved it. The cast, audience, decor, it is really magical.. LET IT GOOO!!! (still stuck in my head..)
  2. Go to a baseball game. Are you not much of a sports fan? Or maybe just not this sport? No problem, the vibe alone will be worth a trip to the stadium! Especially since tickets are available for as low as $40,-
  3. Get a burger at Shake Shack. YUM!!! Order the ShackBurger (double cheeseburger), Cheese Fries & Fifty/Fifty. You can thank me later. 
  4. Go to Therapy & Industry Bar. These bars are located in Hell’s Kitchen and are the best gay bars in town. Here you can find one of the best drag performances in New York, and maybe spot your favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race star!
  5. Rent a bike! Central Park is a great place to explore on a bicycle, offering breathtaking views from flat, hilly and scenic landscapes. Side note: there is a one-way roadway. We drove against traffic for like 30 minutes before we noticed.. yeah we are THOSE KIND of tourists #shame
  6. Eat bagels at Russ & Daughters. For the best bagels in town go to Russ & Daughters. Their bagel with Gaspe Nova smoked salmon is literally the best.. 
  7. Shop at Century 21. If you want to do some shopping while you are in New York, then Century 21 is a must. Century 21 is known for selling designer brands like Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s and more at unbeatable prices (you can get Calvin Klein underwear with a 50% discount!)
  8. Chopt! BEST. SALADS. EVER.
  9. Go to the cinema. This may sound quite boring. Why spend hours watching a movie when you’re in New York? 2 things: food & recliners. They sell all kinds of food at the cinema (burgers, fries, pizza and way more) and you’re allowed to take it with you! Being able to lay down on those big american recliners, eating my pizza and watching a movie is simply the best.. We went to Regal E-Walk Stadium at Times Square on 42nd St. 
  10. Visit Brooklyn & Williamsburg. The neighborhood of Williamsburg is the go-to spot with many new bars and restaurants opening all the time. Robbert and I decided to visit Dumbo which has one of the most beautiful views in Brooklyn. Just in a 180 degrees radius you can see the Williamsburg bridge in the distance, Manhattan bridge and of course the Brooklyn bridge – it’s a must see!

These are just some things that pop into my mind. New York offers lots, and lots more!

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